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Course Registration: Spain and Morocco at the Crossroads of Human Migration


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This Immigration program is designed to provide first hand academic and experiential knowledge about Immigration in contemporary Spain addressing the social changes the country has undergone, growing in diversity, and the reality of hundreds of migrants that try to reach European soil.

This course will start on January 2021 with a 8 weeks duration and 8-10 hours a week of time commitment. Led by Dr. Amy Gooden.

30 in stock



Leading this course we are proud to present Dr. Amy Gooden, Professor at Harvard and Lesley Universities and Director of the Lesley English Beyond Borders Institute.

Lecturers and field experiences are drawn from the University of Granada, Government agencies, local NGOs, and experts of the community in Spain, as well as in Morocco.

The seminar has an interdisciplinary and critical focus covering 80 academic hours.

Through meaningful life experiences, Celei creates the environment necessary to reconsider our cultural beliefs and to develop community bonds and critical thinking.

By the end of this online course students will not only have had the opportunity to listen to the voices of migrants and migration specialists from Red Cross to Mains Solidaires, students will have developed a broader perspective of this world wide crisis.

Education with CELEI is more than just listening to a lecture or a panel of experts. Studying with us is a deep immersion into a community of professionals who are seriously committed to playing their role in making this world a better place for the people living in it.

Program outline

Week 1. Orientation and Introduction to the Course.

Week 2. Foundations of Intercultural learning.

Week 3. Overview of the current debates in the study of international migration.

Week 4. International migrations: past and present.

Week 5. Spain and immigration: causes, consequences and challenges.gration plans in Andalusia: employment, housing, employment, health and education.

Week 6. Cultural, socio-economic and legal diversity in the migratory context of Spain I.

Week 7. Cultural, socio-economic and legal diversity in the migratory context of Spain II.

Week 8. Migrations, Policy and Society in Spain and in the European Union: Membership, belonging and citizenship.

Experts panel

Dr. Amy Gooden
Dr. Amy Gooden, I.C.C. Owner and Founder, is a professor, language and culture specialist, and teacher trainer, who possesses over two decades of practice, research, and teaching focused on supporting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners.
Dr. Amy Gooden currently serves as faculty in the Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. Get Smarter global partnership.

In addition, she is an Associate Professor of TESOL, Bilingual, and Intercultural Education at Lesley University and Director of the Lesley University English Beyond Borders Institute.

She received her Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education with a specialization in second and foreign language teaching and learning.

She holds a Doctorate in Education from Boston University’s School of Education with a concentration in second language teacher education and intercultural education.

Tatchiwo Yves Césaire. Co-host
“I have lived in Morocco for almost 7 years and immigrated. I made with a Spanish association La Barraca a cross-border docu-fiction film entitled “The adventurers of the desert” in July 2017 to denounce the violence and mistreatment of migrants at the borders”.

“I have been working on subjects related to migration for 5 years and with certain Moroccan and foreign associative actors, Sub-Saharan migrants from all African communities in social and cultural terms through short films and video clips that I direct with Diaspora Social Films”.

Antonio Gutiérrez. Director of Celei. Co-host
Antonio Gutiérrez is a life long learner. From a very young age he was exposed to a multitude of different cultures and that exposure defined his way of thinking. Through volunteer work and long travels he has deepened his knowledge on different ways to perceive and live life.

Antonio is director of Celei Educación Internacional for 5 years and has made his life work to widen students perspectives and re-educate in regenerative culture.
He worked at an Equine hospital in Scone, Australia. Also he carried out a volunteer project at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Participation in ecological restoration / protection projects such as AmaZOOnico (Ecuador) and Natura2000 (Cape Verde) and sociocultural animation for institutions such as The Experiment in International Living or Berkeley
Carrol High School in New York are also milestones in his bias.


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